Confetti: And other things to throw at your wedding

Before I was a celebrant, I didn’t realise throwing confetti was a skill that needed to be taught and that blowing bubbles can stain a wedding dress! Did you know there are lots of other things you can throw or wave in the air to salute the newly married couple? Read on!

Bride and Groom
White Stag Wedding Photography


The web is awash with photos of delicate confetti falling from a cloud of colour over the bride and groom. The vibe is festive, fun, and celebratory! My experience of confetti is a cone of dried rose petals being thrown at the couple…or forgotten completely.  How often on my final check of the aisle do I see a beautifully styled table with confetti/bubbles/flags completely untouched? No one notices, groomsmen were not told to make sure everyone has confetti or completely forgot (they get nervous too!).

Before you buy anything, check with your venue to see if bubbles or confetti and what type (dried flowers, tissue paper) are permitted.

If you want confetti…

  1. Assign a groomsman or friend to ‘Confetti Duty’ and ask them to make sure that everyone seated has a handfull or cone to throw. Start with the aisle seats and then move into the second and third seat in…while stocks last!
  2. Ask your celebrant to have a little confetti tossing tutorial at the beginning of the ceremony.  The confetti should be thrown into the air just before the couple arrives at your row/pew. If everyone does this the photographer will catch the couple in a shower of confetti.

Confetti ‘poppers’ explode with bigger pieces and take longer to fall…but can be difficult to twist…and you have to be super careful not to point it at anyone!


This brings me back to a family wedding.  They thought of having bubbles instead of confetti and asked would I arrange it, I happily agreed. I asked the bride for some fabric from her dress. I lay the fabric on my kitchen floor and danced around blowing bubbles. At first, there were no marks on the dress fabric, but as it dried, stains appeared… the idea of the bubbles was ditched!

If you want bubbles…

  1. Assign a groomsman or friend to ‘Bubble Duty’ and ask them to make sure that everyone in aisle seats has some bubbles and then move into the second and third seat in…while stocks last!
  2. Bubbles are notoriously hard to open without spilling… make sure your celebrant gives your guests a heads up to get ready.
  3. Guest should start blowing the bubbles before the couple starts walking down the aisle, so the bubbles have a chance to fall.
    Wedding Bells 

Helium Balloons



Wedding Bells 

Dried rose petals or lavender? Confetti

I encourage you to aim for a sustainable wedding? Birdseed, is a lovely option (me being a bird lover) but tossing birdseed in a city flocked with pigeons…Brenda Fricker as the Bird Lady in Home Alone just flashed before my eyes!! So think carefully on what’s best for your day!

Bird Seed

Fresh eucalyptus leaves?

Pandora Blossoms 

What about glow sticks if its an evening wedding?

I celebrated an SCA themed wedding and there was a guard of honor with REAL swords. (They weighed a ton!)

What will you ask your guests to throw at your ceremony? 😉

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