Unique Unity Ceremonies: Part One

When planning a naming, wedding or union, you might like to include a special element that includes a unity ceremony.  There are lots of ideas on the ceremony menu page, and below are some of the more unusual unity ceremony ideas.

Are you a farmer? So simple and yet so effective!  I love this post from The Overwhelmed Bride!  The couple take soil from their family farms and combine to plant a tree.  This could be easily adapted to the couple’s parents gardens and a rose bush!

Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

A welding story:  This is by far the most unusual I have come across yet!  The couple are both pipe fitters and for their unity ceremony they decided to weld a sculpture together!  Thanks to the Off Beat Bride for this great post.The Civil Celebrant Unity Ceremonies

Blended family:  In my book this is a risky unity ceremony!  Paint and wedding dress are not words that normally go together! I was thinking you could easily add some vinyl adhesive letters to capture a special message or simply a big heart.  When the paint is nearly dry, the vinyl letters can be removed to revel the special message.  If children of the couple are attending the wedding, this is a great way to get them involved. Perfect for a naming ceremony too!

Unity Paint CeremonyThe only limit on your unity ceremony, is your imagination! 

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